2 months before my trip back to Taiwan

April 10 – Purchased my ticket – Booked off work.

Now, I’m just trying to patiently wait until the day of my departure.

How do I prepare for a trip back home?

Depending on my schedule, I would normally look for tickets 2 months prior to buying my ticket back to Taiwan. I am going back in June is because:

  1. Ticket prices in July – August is much higher
  2. I love being in the sun and I like being back to Taiwan to enjoy the beautiful scenery of old towns and mountains as much as I can.
  3. I find it much more satisfying to enjoy my bubble tea in the summer time, and plus  I can get a tan out of the trip.

Overall, the tickets in August was going to cost me ~CDN$ 1800 with 30 hours flight duration. This is not a trip you want to spend 30 hours flying and waiting for, so that’s why I made the decision to go back in June. The ticket price I got was about CDN$ 1100 with 20 hours of flight duration, and trust me I am much happier to fly 20 hours than 30 hours.

For those that likes discounts, I like to check out EBATES for any small cashback on my purchases, but please be careful reading the special conditions because I thought I was getting back 8% cashback on my Expedia.ca purchase but realized it was not meant for flights… LESSON LEARNED.

With that being said, I have earned about $9.86 in 1.5 months so far on the little cash backs I’ve been collecting.

The stores I’ve received cash backs (depending on promotion) on are:

  • GROUPON – 3% – 6%
  • Amazon.ca – 1% – 4%
  • Sephora – 2.5% – To stock up on some general makeup
  • Dynamite Clothing Canada – 6% – Refreshing my work clothes

If you like any perks, benefits, or cash backs then I would definitely recommend you check out the website – here.

Items I’ve purchased through GROUPON:

  • Hotel Deals – I would compared Expedia (points and ebates cashback) with GROUPON (groupon’s extra coupons and ebates cashback)
  • Accessories – Their bracelets can be cheap at times but overall, I think the quality is good for what you paid for
  • Hair Product – I purchased my flat iron from GROUPON and it still works great and it only cost me CDN$ 45
  • Interested to also take advantage of GROUPON perks?
    • Check out the website here

Items I’ve purchased through Amazon:

  • Since I am going on a long trip I felt like it was a nice time to buy a new carry on suitcase and travel pouches, and I just so happen to see Ebates having 4% cashback on amazon.
    • Samsonite Carry On – I purchased mine for CDN$ 107.44 (in the screenshot) and it’s now priced at CDN$172.97 and I believe the deep blue is actually the cheapest one when I bought mine so if colour is your thing then I would suggest wait it out and see if the discount changes to another colour. I personally love the little perks from PRIME as ,which I didn’t know about before maybe I’ll write a post about it along with other membership perks.
    • 2017-04-25_11-22-31
      Samsonite Carry On
    • Hopsooken 7 Sets Travel Organizers – These travel organizers are still priced the same, but I give it a 3/5 since it does what it suppose to do. I feel like the zipper can be better and the materials can be a little bit thicker but overall for about CDN$ 20 I’m happy with it.
    • 2017-04-25_11-22-04
      Travel Pouches

Overall, this is what I’ve done so far to prepare for my trip back home to Taiwan and I cannot wait for it! This is my first blog post and I hope it can be insightful to at least some of you on the little perks I’ve found lately through the wonderful world of internet.

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous


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