Why Do We Travel?

To escape life.

Every day, every minute, I’m always imaging what it would be like to escape to a different country right now. What is it like to quit my 9-5 job and just work for myself?

Why can’t I take that big “quitting” step? I know I need stability and understands that I have necessities to pay for day to day to live. I’m very responsible and is great with my money. I have a normal marketing career where I developed my marketing skills for over 5 years in many different marketing aspects and skills. I absolutely love everything about marketing, and if you understands your customers’ needs, then you are more than half way there.

My first blog post consisted of some of the perks and cash backs I like to collect because it helps me to save up for my trips faster. I will write out a blog post to share on the little saving and perks I receive from memberships and the credit cards I use with some tips and tricks on how to get them and avoid costly mistakes. All opinions are mine and I just like to share tips on how I make my trips “a bit” more affordable. 

I travel to inspire and educate myself with different cultural norms, expectations, standards and moral values. When I travel to places by myself, I find that I discover a little bit more of myself. I do not let my necessities stop me from taking affordable trips, because traveling is what recharges my soul and heart with more courage to look forward to my next big challenge in life.

Why do you travel?



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