Credit cards’ benefits and perks 

Call in and cancel it.

I’ve had my Scotiabank American Express Gold Card for a year now, and I cancelled it because I don’t want to pay the $99 in annual fee.

This is still the promotion:


I’m pretty sure I didn’t need to spend $750 to receive my 30,000 points at the time when I signed up, so always watch out for the initial amount you need to spend to get your bonus points.

While I had my AMEX card I was able to take advantage of the points system and went on 2 trips with my points:

  • 2 nights of hotel in LA
  • Round trip from London, ON to Vancouver to LA then back to London

From their website they claim:

  • 4 Scotia Rewards points on every $1 you spend at eligible gas stations, grocery stores, on dining and entertainment.
    • It’s always in the fine print for what you get, and personally I only get the 4x points at:
      • Shell
      • McDonalds
      • Swiss Chalet
      • Starbucks
      • Metro
    • I live in Canada and not many places accept AMEX, hence why I cancelled it.

Here’s the tip to get another year free or some other perks: 

  • Call and cancel your card and they will transfer you to the retention department, where they will offer you:
    1. Rebate for the $99 annual fee
    2. $60 voucher in travel credit
    3. 11.99% interest rate on the credit card for the first 6 months on the credit card if you don’t cancel.
  • Of course, someone like me don’t care about these short term perks so I refused all the offers and cancelled it anyways.

I personally believe it’s easier if I just collect with my BMO World Elite Cashback MasterCard, where I collect 1.75% cashback on all purchases.


  • Their promotion is 4% on all credit card transactions for the first 4 months and 1.75% cashback after that.
  • Roadside assistance is another perk offered by this credit card as well
  • Extended warranty insurance – the coverage double the original manufacturer’s warranty for up to 1 additional year
  • 25% discount at National Car Rent and Alamo Rent A Car
  • Travel and medical protections ofup to 2 million dollars
  • Here’s the catch, if you have savings then you can get the annual fee and account fee waived, so go into a BMO branch and ask about it.

I don’t get paid to talk about the credit cards, so don’t think I’m bias with my credit card comparisons.

Right now I will be using my BMO credit card for all purchases and my no annual fee Costco MasterCard on all groceries (3%) and gas purchases (2%).

Make your travels affordable by doing some research on the free benefits you can receive.

So start researching and start travelling.


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