A Weekend Getaway in Toronto 

As a couple, it’s always nice to travel somewhere every month or so to stay motivated and refreshed with better perspectives. I always start my weekend getaway with a goal in mind, which is to experience something new. My boyfriend and I love seafood, so I always keep our budget in mind as well.

Where does everyone start their trip researching? Google, expedia, blog posts, social media and so much more! The point is that there is always resources out there that can help you inspire your next trip,you just have to put in the work for it.

I have been craving seafood for awhile and London, ON just doesn’t offer a great selection of fresh seafood, so being 2 hours away from Toronto I know I needed to try and find my seafood fix there. I started by searching for seafood restaurant in Toronto and Rodney’s Oyster House showed up with a rating of 4.2/5. I was convinced by their website, google rating and also the customers’ reviews.

Long story short, Rodney’s Oyster House can be described with 2 words, fresh and delicious! They want to show their commitment to their seafood quality and freshness by displaying all their seafood livestock at the front of their restaurant so you can eat knowing that it is very fresh.

Here’s the list of oysters I tried: 

  1. Village Bay Small Favourite
    •  FRESH and clean tasting – It was smooth, creamy and very clean tasting
    • Sauce: Cocktail sauce, squeeze of lime and a little dash of horseradish
    • Price: $2.28/ Oyster
  2. South lake small
    • This was my second favourite oyster as it was still smooth and creamy but it doesn’t have as clean of a taste as the Village Bay Small.
    • Sauce:  Spiced vodka, and squeeze of lemon
    • Price: $2.34/ Oyster
  3. Duxbury Primes
    • I had to try their most expensive oyster to compare it to the cheapest one and I must say I actually prefer the south lake small over the Duxbury Primes because it was not as chewy and Duxbury Prime wasn’t really that different.
    • Sauce: Cocktail sauce, squeeze of lime and a little dash of horseradish
    • Price: $3.80/ Oyster
  4. Village Bay Large
    • This was good but it was way too meaty for what I like, it was still clean and very fresh tasting
    • Price: $2.81/ Oyster
    • Sauce: Squeeze of lemon and a dash of horseradish
  5. Marina’s Top Drawer – Pacific Oysters
    • The waistress told us that the Pacific oysters has different texture and taste then the East cost oyster, which is definitely true. This pacific oyster had a fishy taste, chewy texture and definitely has a fishier finish than the other oysters.
    • Price: $2.15/ Oyster
    • Sauce: squeeze of lemon















Overall, my boyfriend and I had 16 oysters and shared a type of ale beer brewed from Kingston, ON. We spent ~$50 and we were more than happy to spend that on the service and experience we received. I would definitely recommend this restaurant for a fun couple lunch, or a nice girls brunch as well.

But obviously, a Toronto getaway can’t be completed until you book in a hotel. After I made my reservation I was able to find a hotel in the heart of downtown Toronto for ~$227 (+$25 parking till 12pm the next day) and I was happy with what I paid. We stayed at the Bond Hotel Place, it was clean, small but very trendy so I would definitely recommend this hotel for couples that wants to stay on their budget.

My hotel purchase: 

  • I was able to collect 1.75% cashback with my BMO World Elite Cashback Mastercard, and from using the card I was offered a choice of a high or low floor. I picked high floor and was given the top 18th floor.
  • I’m 4 hotel stays away from achieving my silver+ status for my expedia membership. For more information on the expedia+ membership levels, you can read it here.

I can never leave Toronto without buying my favourite Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake, because they are awesome!

Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake

Never go line up for the cheesecake during any time after 12PM, because they are always busy. When they have a lineup you are only allowed to buy 1 per person, and that is never enough for me. I always show up around 8:30 – 9:00 AM to make sure there’s no line and I can buy as many as I want!

Overall, my trip to Toronto was a success and I think it helped my boyfriend and I strengthen our relationship, refreshed our perspectives and made us appreciate each other that much more.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”

–  Saint Augustine


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