Why do we travel by mind?

Have you ever get to a point in your life where you needed a new start? To other people you may look like you have your things together but inside you are just a mess?

We travel by mind because it brings us peace, as we travel to the one place we want to be. Our mind is equipped with the best imagination tool, and it’s up to us on how we travel with our mind. Often, we turn to Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. to live through other people’s photos, then lives through our mind, and for those of us that wants it bad it enough it becomes our own reality.

In August 2015, I quit my job the first time in my life with no job lined up for me and I decided to move back to Taiwan. I sold off everything, paid off my debts and moved back home.  That’s right! I did what I never thought I could! I was going through a very hard time in my life and I needed my family to help me get back up. My siblings and I have been on our own since I was 16 and I thought it was time for me to go back home. I spent time with my family, learned to cook traditional Taiwanese food, traveled all over Taiwan with the purpose of finding myself again.

Within 2 months, I was able to improve my mandarin, my relationship with my family members, reliving my childhood memories and piece together the missing parts of me. However, I realized Taiwan is no longer where I wanted to call my forever home because it just wasn’t what I’m used to anymore. As much as I enjoyed the culture, food and being with family, I knew that my career opportunities is still back in Canada.

My company rehired me back in Nov. 2015 and now I’m back to exactly where I was before, but more recharged, inspired, prepared and matured. 2016 was the best I’ve felt in a long time and I love where I am now.

Never be afraid of taking chances, but be afraid of missing out on the chances that you didn’t take.

Pictures from my 2 months of soul searching: 

Hsinchu, Taiwan – 台灣國際客家文化嘉年華
SUP in Taiwan @ 峨眉湖
Making presents for my parents @  鶯歌陶瓷老街
Korea - 3D Musium
Korea – 3D Musium
Seoul, Korea – 三清洞咖啡街
Korean - Making kimchi for the orphanage
Making Kimchi for the local orphanage


Santa Monica Beach – Laid over in LA for a weekend before my return to Canada in 2015

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