Who is the person behind Travelbymind?

My name is Rebecca (I prefer Becca) Chiang and I’m the author behind Travelbymind.

I was born in Taiwan and lived in my home country for 10 years then I moved to Canada and never left after that. As a kid, I was never able to travel anywhere because my family was not able to afford many family vacations. My childhood was filled with art and Chinese calligraphy competitions because I love art and it was a great way for me to earn spending money and/or free stuff at a young age.

My parents were divorced when I was 7 years old, so I didn’t grew up having both of my parents by my side. I learned at a young age what it’s like to not have money, and what it’s like to be suffered by money. I work hard to better my life and to provide my own stability without relying on family or my boyfriend, so I can take control of where my life is going.

Originally, I was going through school to become a physiotherapist but I soon realized that I can’t handle blood or bones… so yes I changed my career path to business. Knowing that I will need to pay for my school I chose to go through Fanshawe College for 3 years and received a 2 year marketing diploma, and an advanced Business Administration Marketing diploma. Then I wanted a university degree so I took an  12 months accelerated program and received a Bachelor of Commerce from Nipissing University. I interned at my current company since my second year of post-secondary education and today I’m currently working in my company’s marketing department doing exactly what I went to school for.

After working at my company for 7 years, I was able to lock in 20 days of vacations and some financial stability because HWPO – Hard Work Pays Off. Now I can travel with more money in my pocket and more paid vacations then the average 26 years old travelers. With that being said, I’m always stuck in between the mindset of whether I should travel earlier and enjoy the experience or work hard and go travel when I can? Because sometimes we all can be fed up with a 9-5 job.

“Work hard to escape life and not for life to escape us.” – Rebecca Chiang

Here’s the different sides of me:

Water Baby Becca @ Deep Cove, BC
Foodie Becca – Richmond Night Maret
Jiujitsu Becca 

I’ve done jiujitsu for 3 years now and I’m a 2 stripe blue belt 🙂

Survival Becca – Started my first fire with items found in the forest
My Family 

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