Vancouver Adventures and Fun

Vancouver is beautiful, refreshing and such an amazing place to go for a short vacation.

I was able to save a lot of money on hotel and transportation fees because I stayed with my friends. However, if you need to look into hotel and transportation needs then I would suggest the following:

Find a place to stay: 

  • Airbnb – A great place to search for bed and breakfast offered by the local people and your host will normally provide you with great suggestions on where to visit and how to get around the city.
    • I stayed in Marpole, Vancouver which had mediocre Asian food, and I’ve heard that Richmond has much better Chinese/Taiwanese restaurants.
  • Expedia – Search for hotels and read their reviews based on customers’ experiences.

Find ways to travel around:

  • Car Sharing – Try and sign up for Car Sharing programs like Zipcar,  Modo and Evo.
    • You need to pay a fee to use these cars.
    • My friend used ZipCar and the app was extremely easy to use and you can park the car anyways that has the designated parking for that car sharing company.
  • Vancouver Bus System – It was very easy to take the bus in Vancouver if you have Google map.
    • The fare was $2.75 per trip without using the Compass Card (which is $6 to purchase then you just reload it).

What did I DO in Vancouver?

  1. Granville Island 


    If you have ever been to Vancouver, then you would know that the traffic can get hectic and also extremely busy… so we decided to bus to the Granville Island Market!

    • I was craving fresh produce, so we headed straight into the public market and started to browse around for fresh produce and also some gifts for me to return home with.
    • There was a neat little shop that offered handmade pet treats which the ingredients are all derived from a vet nutritionist.
    • We came across a broom shop which intrigued us because it looked like the type of brooms Harry Potter would use.
    • I was able to find a new adventure hat and also enjoyed the lovely weather in Granville Island.

2. Pacific Spirit Park

It was a very cool experience to go to Pacific Spirit Park because it had a nice nature trail and also a dog friendly beach. The view was decent, and it was nice to be near the water. The fact that there was a lot of dogs playing in the water made the place much more enjoyable.

3. Vancouver Seawall

The bike ride along the seawall is definitely something you need to do in Vancouver. It makes you appreciate the water, nature and the beautiful city itself. Overall, it’s about 9 km around the seawall and it took about 1 – 1.5 hours to finish the bike path. The weather was beautiful and there is washrooms and stands for water along the way as well.

I absolutely love visiting my friends in Vancouver and I’m fortunate to have friends that enjoys the same thing as I do.

Here’s a golden rule for staying with friends – never expect them to pay for everything… such as, gas money to take you to places, picking you up from the airport, etc. Always remember to pay them back in one way or another, because you’re there to enjoy time with them and not expect them to be your tour guide 🙂 Just a common courtesy reminder.

“Never let any distance get in between a friendship that’s worthy to cherish and preserve.” – Travel By Mind.


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