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Monthly Archives: June 2017

I’m currently 2 days away from my Taiwan vacation and I am beyond excited to go home. For anyone who grew up in another country knows that when you’re going home you need to bring some local gifts for your relatives and friends.  So here’s my list of gifts I am bringing back: Genuine Maple Syrup: I know~ Not that original but my relatives really enjoy receiving the genuine maple syrup that comes… Read More

I had the craving for some Taiwanese crab stir-fry so I made it!  Here are the ingredients I used: Ingredients:  6 Garlics 3 big slices of Ginger 4 Green onions 8 Blue crab – cleaned with the crab roe separated into another bowl 2 eggs Soy sauce Rice wine  If you’ve never cleaned the crab here is a little picture I drew to help explain from a top down see through view… Read More