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I’m currently 2 days away from my Taiwan vacation and I am beyond excited to go home. For anyone who grew up in another country knows that when you’re going home you need to bring some local gifts for your relatives and friends.  So here’s my list of gifts I am bringing back: Genuine Maple Syrup: I know~ Not that original but my relatives really enjoy receiving the genuine maple syrup that comes… Read More

Vancouver is beautiful, refreshing and such an amazing place to go for a short vacation. I was able to save a lot of money on hotel and transportation fees because I stayed with my friends. However, if you need to look into hotel and transportation needs then I would suggest the following: Find a place to stay:  Airbnb – A great place to search for bed and breakfast offered by the local people… Read More

April 10 – Purchased my ticket – Booked off work. Now, I’m just trying to patiently wait until the day of my departure. How do I prepare for a trip back home? Depending on my schedule, I would normally look for tickets 2 months prior to buying my ticket back to Taiwan. I am going back in June is because: Ticket prices in July – August is much higher I love being… Read More